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Rinnai Indonesia launched new Balaraja factory for gas ring

Rinnai Indonesia is establishing record breaking number of gas ring sales boosted by LPG spread and high efficiency. Prospecting future necessity of market Rinnai Indonesia launched Balaraja factory in September.2 factories of Rinnai including this new factory will provide 11 Million gas rings in 2014 to Indonesian market. Comparing to last year it will increase to double number.


Rinnai Indonesia was established in 1988. Next year 2013 is 25th anniversary year after HQ is located in Jakarta. It operates 2 big factories including new Balaraja factory.


In Indonesia kerosene and LPG were used as home energy resource. But in long term the spread of LPG was only 10% of home energy resource. Most of home kitchen facility was occupied by kerosene ring was mainstream. But in 2005 Indonesian government changed home energy policy to spread LPG. This policy change derives from many elements including consideration to environment. Indonesian government provided gas cylinder, gas ring, gas pressure cooking facility to most of all household = 54 Million by free. It accelerated diversion of energy resource from oil to kerosene.


At that time government provided 1 ring type gas ring produced by local company by free. But soon national people started to purchase high quality and convenient 2 rings type gas ring which is produced by Rinnai. Rinnai gas ring was admired its high quality and spread in no time.


Rinnai Indonesia recorded sales amount of gas ring. In 2005 450 thousand sales amount extends to 5.25 Million in 2011.


Still market is expected to expand.


In Indonesia stable economic growth is prospected and infrastructure including road condition will be improved. Population is increasing. Improvement of environmental life circumstance is important subject to be improved. Indonesia Rinnai expands producing capability to increase employment of neighboring citizen. It will contribute to improvement of employment and progress of Indonesia. Gas ring is integral facility which is used in every family. Gas ring is the necessity in the kitchen. Rinnai Indonesia will contribute to Indonesian society to provide high quality and appropriate price product which accords to market necessity