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G:201 (in-wall) oven and Leggiero (waterless cooking pot) win Red Dot Design Award 2022

Rinnai Corporation (headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi; president: Hiroyasu Naito) has received a prestigious international design award, the Red Dot Award 2022, for two of its products: the G:201 in-wall oven and the Leggiero waterless cooking pot.
The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious design awards. It has been hosted by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, a German design institution, annually since 1955. At the 2022 awards, which attracted approximately twenty thousand applications, Rinnai received awards in the Product Design segment.


Winning products of Red Dot Award 2022

Refined aesthetics and technological excellence, G:201 (in-wall oven)

Rinnai’s “G:” line of ovens offer a sense of quality and luxury and are designed to set themselves apart from conventional kitchen products. The G:201 in-wall oven is the second product in the “G:” line, following the G:101 series of domino-type built-in hobs (stovetops).


Delicious, hassle-free meals every day, Leggiero (waterless cooking pot)

High-grade aluminum casting is used to deliver excellent cooking performance comparable with pots made of general iron casting, at less than half the weight. It can be used not only for waterless cooking, but also for oven-style cooking on the stove, steaming, and simmering.

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