Rinnai Expresses Support for Recommendations from Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Rinnai Corporation (headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi; president: Hiroyasu Naito) expresses its support for the recommendations issued by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), a taskforce established by the Financial Stability Board (FSB).


Rinnai Group has operations in 18 countries and regions and deploys products in over 80 countries throughout the world. We offer optimal solutions suitable for each country, depending on its local culture, climate conditions and energy situation, with the dual aims of creating healthy and comfortable lifestyles for people around the world and realizing sustainable societies. To help prevent global warming during the course of its business activities, Rinnai Group believes it is important to boost energy efficiency, and develop and promote the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies that improve the combustion efficiency of its water heaters and the like. Rinnai is working toward the prevention of global warming by regarding energy consumption and CO2 emissions as material issues and the amount contributed to reducing CO2 emissions by using the product as a major performance indicator.


Rinnai seeks to enhance the analysis and measures addressing climate-related risks and opportunities for the business, and pledges to disclose related information to ensure accountability to the Group’s stakeholders.



■About TCFD

TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) is a taskforce established by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international agency consisting of the central banks and financial regulatory agencies of major countries, and provides the framework for climate-related financial disclosures.


Please visit the URL below for more details on TCFD.
TCFD Website (English): https://www.fsb-tcfd.org/


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