Renewal of Rinnai Logo in Quest to Establish Global Brand

Rinnai Corporation (headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; president: Hiroyasu Naito) has decided to renew its logo in order to increase its value as a global brand in the lead-up to 2020, the 100th anniversary of its founding. Meanwhile, with the aim of conveying a unified brand image, Rinnai has redesigned the basic design elements of its visual identity (VI), which expresses its brand’s worldview. The new logo and VI system will be rolled out sequentially from April 1, 2019.



In the new logo, the contemporary sans-serif font has a robust form and is somewhat heavier than before. The rounded design has a gentle, friendly, human-oriented feel. Overall, the logo conveys the Rinnai brand’s promise to create a healthier way of living for tomorrow’s world.


Since its establishment in 1920, Rinnai has developed various products and services that help enrich people’s lifestyles. These include water heaters, kitchen appliances, and air conditioners. In the process, Rinnai has evolved into a prominent corporate group. Currently, the Rinnai Group has bases in 16 countries and regions, and sells its products in more than 80 nations worldwide. Our business policy is to foster the livelihoods of local communities by providing optimal solutions that suit the lifestyles and cultures, as well as climate and energy situations, of every country in the world.


Currently, the Rinnai Group is implementing its medium-term business plan, “G-shift 2020.” The final year of the plan is fiscal 2021 (ending March 2021), which marks the 100th anniversary of Rinnai’s founding. The plan sets out the Group’s medium-to-long-term vision, which is to provide unique products and services to the global market based on the keywords of “heat and living” and “health and living.” Another important theme is to promote Rinnai as a global brand that is committed to delivering increased value.


In addition to renewing the Rinnai logo, we have redesigned the basic design elements of our visual identity (VI), which expresses the Rinnai brand’s worldview. We will roll out the new logo and VI system sequentially from April 1, 2019 as part of our effort to develop unified business activities around the world.


Note: The information contained herein is valid as of the date of release. Please be aware that certain details may change or be made irrelevant by circumstances that emerge at a later date.