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Rinnai to Support Nippon Badminton Team Decision to Become Representative Team Sponsor of Nippon Badminton

Rinnai Corporation (headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi; president: Hiroyasu Naito) is a comprehensive manufacturer of heat and energy appliances that supports people’s heating and lifestyle needs. Recently, Rinnai decided to become a Silver Sponsor of the Japanese representative team of the Nippon Badminton Association (NBA).


Badminton is familiar to many people as sport that can be enjoyed regardless of generation or location, and the number of registered NBA members in Japan is around 280,000. The NBA is also focusing on nurturing young athletes, and attention has been growing in recent years as the public watches Japanese team excel at international events. Overseas, badminton is particularly popular in Asia (China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.), where it enjoys widespread appeal as a familiar sport. As we approach 2020, expectations are growing that the Japanese badminton team will step up its performances.


As a creator of heat-based lifestyles, Rinnai aims to contribute to people’s happiness through heat. The passion of athletes, who put their full efforts into competitions, also appeals to many people, pulling their heartstrings and making them happy. By supporting badminton, a sport full of passion that is popular all over the world, and conveying that passion to the hearts of many people, Rinnai hopes to realize its desire to contribute to people’s happiness through heat.


Through the sponsorship agreement, Rinnai will continue providing full support to the Japanese national badminton team while also fostering the spread and development of badminton.