Award/Winning New Zealand

Rinnai’s Evolve 950 Gas Fireplace Awarded “Product of the Year” by Master Plumbers Society of New Zealand

The Master Plumbers Society of New Zealand has bestowed its “Product of the Year” award to the Evolve 950 gas fireplace sold by Rinnai NZ Ltd.


In New Zealand, fireplaces and wood stoves are widely used for heating during the winter. Gas fireplaces sold by Rinnai NZ are convenient because they don’t require firewood. They also feature artificial wood and flame enclosed in a glass case to provide a visually relaxing feeling.


Since its foundation, Rinnai’s corporate spirit has embodied the themes of “heat and lifestyles,” “product quality,” and “contributing to local communities.” Embracing this spirit, we will continue developing products aimed at enriching people’s lives.