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RINNAI released new hybrid model of hot water supply and warming system

RINNAI released new model of hybrid hot water supply and warming system=Eco One based on the experience of Japan’s earthquake.


RINNAI released new model of hybrid hot water supply and warming system=Eco One. to Japan market.


Based on the experience of big earth quake and necessity of saving energy, development of progressive facility which provides saving energy and protection of environment is prosperous in Japan. Thus high efficient gas hot water supplying facility = ECO JOUZU and heat pomp hot water supplying system = Eco Cute is spread.


All electric residence which limit the energy to electricity is popular in Japan. It derives from high efficiency of economy. But after big earth quake consciousness of saving energy and environment protection becomes higher. Also anxiety of all electricity circumstance is budded. Thus examination to diversify energy resource is accelerated.


RINNAI released ECO ONE = hybrid hot water supplying and warming system which is composed of best match of electric heat pump and gas high efficient hot water supply system in 2010. It was the first product in the world.


This new model sought more energy saving and environment protection. First step energy efficiency rose to 125%. It is top level in the world. It realized higher efficiency than ordinal model and other water supply facility.to progress saving energy of hot water supply facility. And It can adapt to floor warming and bath room warming to create comfortable life. And after expanse of line up to suit to various needs it is available to be set in multifamily housing.


RINNAI will provide most progressive saving energy life by ECO ONE which realizes best matching of electricity and gas./.