Sales Start for MY HOB Series of Built-in Gas Hobs

Rinnai Corporation, a global manufacturer of gas appliances including tankless water heaters, a wide range of kitchen appliances and heating and air conditioning units, launched global sales of the MY HOB Series of built-in gas hobs (stovetops) in the winter of 2014.


The MY HOB Series is available in 44 variations for markets in Southeast Asia, Russia, Central and South America and the Middle East. Top plates come in four widths—30cm, 60cm, 75cm and 90cm—to accommodate kitchen layouts and customer needs in different countries and regions. Customers can also choose the type and number of burners as well as the design of the pan supports to match local cooking needs and design trends. These options allow customers to have a cooking appliance perfectly matched to how they cook. In addition, the series design is elegant and easy to clean, with a top plate made of tempered glass.


* The lineup comprises 44 variations, with the 31 shown above plus models with different pan supports


The MY HOB Series has been recognized for its stylish design and beautifully arranged components, with a Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion in 2014.


We will maintain our focus on the three themes—heat and lifestyles, quality, and contributing to local communities—that have infused the Rinnai Spirit since the company was established, and we will strive to develop cooking appliances that make life more comfortable and enhance food culture everywhere our products are sold.