Award/Winning Japan

Five Rinnai products earn a Japan Good Design Award in 2014.

Rinnai Corporation, a comprehensive manufacturer of heat-energy appliances that support comfortable lifestyles through heating, won awards for five products at the 2014 Good Design Awards sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Launched in 1957, this awards program is recognized widely as a system for design evaluation and commendation in Japan. Products are reviewed from various perspectives, not only for visual appeal and design but also usability and convenience, environmental-friendliness and the potential to be of interest to consumers.


1. Built-in gas hob MY HOB Series (for markets in Southeast Asia, Russia, Central and South America and the Middle East)

This cooking appliance comes in 44 models, with variations to match the food culture and customer needs of different markets, including Southeast Asia, Russia, Central and South America and the Middle East. Customers can choose the type of top plate as well as the type and number of burners. The top plate is made of glass, which is highly visually appealing as well as easy to clean.


2. Built-in gas hob LiSSe Series (for Japan)

This cooking appliance has a flat top plate, which makes the appliance easier to use and easier to clean. With a newly developed grill plate, the LiSSe Series enables people to enjoy cooking wide varity of menu options that include healthy, non-fried dishes. A striking feature is the glass top plate, which comes in colors that compliment any interior style, and a control panel that is attractively designed to demonstrate a refined look and feel.


3. Built-in gas hob DELICIA GRiLLER (for Japan)

This top-of-the-line appliance makes cooking easy for the serious chef. An extensive range of grilled dishes, including simmering and roasting, is possible, and the design allows for easy cleaning and handling of the grill components. DELICIA GRiLLER offers convenience in cooking as well as the potential to create genuine, chef-inspired meals.


4. Built-in dishwasher RKWR-F402C Series (for Japan)

This large-capacity, front-loading dishwasher features upper and lower nozzles that quickly wash off food residue. With a variety of speed options, including a fast, power-saving mode and a water-saving mode, the RKWR-F402C Series offers enhanced convenience as well as environmentally-friendly options that meet consumer needs.


5. Floor heating remote control FC-09DR Series

This remote control has a sleek and elegant design that more than meets the discerning tastes of consumers who mandate functional, high-end, attractive fixtures to coordinate with their décor. The design also makes the controller easy to dust or wipe down. As an energy-saving feature, the display lights up to indicate use of stored heat, and heat-level adjustments can be made to match specific lifestyles.


Rinnai will maintain its focus on three themes—heat and lifestyles, quality, and contributing to local communities—that infuse the Rinnai Spirit and will strive to capture more awards as a comprehensive heat-energy appliance manufacturer working to reduce consumption of resources and save energy.