Award/Winning Indonesia

Rinnai Indonesia Takes 2014 Indonesia Best Brand Award in Tabletop Cooker Category for Seventh Straight Year

P.T. Rinnai Indonesia, a consolidated subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation, received the Platinum Award—the top award—in the tabletop cooker category of the 2014 Indonesia Best Brand Awards, sponsored by SWA, Indonesia’s leading business magazine.


The Best Brand Awards is a program that celebrates the best of the best—excellent brands in each category—with brands tapped every year based on survey results by SWA to assess awareness through advertising, brand recognition, market share and customer satisfaction. Rinnai Indonesia has captured this honor since 2008, making for an unbroken reign of seven straight years.


In Indonesia, kerosene-burning stoves were once a common sight in kitchens across the country. But in 2005, the government initiated a kerosene-to-LPG conversion program for households to encourage wider use of LPG. Under the program, gas cylinders, single-burner cooking stoves and gas regulators were supplied to about 54 million households free of charge, which spurred the shift from kerosene to LPG.


The single-burner cooking stoves delivered to households were those made by local manufacturers. But just as the program started, a lucrative trend emerged: The market was keen to replace these appliances with Rinnai-made, high-quality, two-burner models which offered more convenience than the single-burner cooking stoves. Orders soared, turning into a significant opportunity for Rinnai Indonesia to expand sales of its gas cooking stoves.


Rinnai will maintain its focus on three themes—heat and lifestyles, quality, and contributing to local communities—that infuse the Rinnai Spirit and will strive to develop overseas operations well-matched to local market needs.