Award/Winning Japan

ECO ONE Hybrid Hot-Water/Heating System Receives Top Energy Conservation Award

Rinnai Corporation, a comprehensive manufacturer of energy appliances that supports heat and people’s lifestyles, received the top prize in the fiscal 2013 Energy Conservation Awards (Product/Business Model Division) for its ECO ONE home-use hybrid hot-water/heating system, which uses a combination of electricity and gas.



The Energy Conservation Awards are hosted by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan, a government agency and auxiliary arm of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that is responsible for overall economic activity and energy policies. The aim of the awards, which recognize exceptional energy conservation initiatives and advanced, energy-saving products, is to promote widespread awareness about energy conservation and the proliferation of energy-saving products.


Rinnai’s ECO ONE hot-water/heating system is designed for the Japanese market. It combines a heat pump unit to draw heat from the atmosphere with a gas hot-water/heater capable of instantly supplying hot water at high capacity. It is the No. 1 hot-water system in Japan in terms of primary energy consumption efficiency. The heat pump uses a small amount of electricity to heat water to the temperature at which it will be used, and the learning control function enables the energy required to deliver hot water to be reduced without the need for surplus storage. The system received the award for its outstanding primary energy consumption efficiency of 125%.


Heating of water and rooms accounts for around 50% of energy consumed in the average home. Keen to promote energy conservation, Rinnai began selling high-efficiency gas hot-water (residual-heat-collection-type) units in 1999. It commercialized the ECO ONE hybrid hot-water/heating system in 2010.


Going forward, we will advance our overseas business according to local needs based on our commitment to “heat and comfortable lifestyles,” “quality,” and “contributing to local communities,” which together embody the Rinnai spirit.