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Rinnai to Build New Plant to Address Expanding Chinese Market

Shanghai Rinnai Co., Ltd. has decided to construct a new factory in the Fengxian District of Shanghai, China, in anticipation of future expansion of the Chinese market. Shanghai Rinnai is a consolidated subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation, a comprehensive manufacturer of heating appliances dedicated to benefitting people’s lives.


Since being established by Rinnai Corporation in 1993, Shanghai Rinnai has achieved steady growth through the manufacture and sale of gas hot-water units, gas boilers, gas stoves, and other items. There are predictions that demand for gas appliances in China will rise in the future, bolstered by rising worker incomes and expansion of infrastructure on the back of economic growth. This prompted the decision to build a new plant and shift Shanghai Rinnai’s main production base to Fengxian from its current location in Pudong. Once the new facility is in operation, Shanghai Rinnai’s production capacity will double from its present level, to around one million hot-water units and 500,000 stoves annually.



Overview of new Fengxian Plant

  • Address : Fengcheng Economic Zone, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China
    (Located 40km southwest from Shanghai Pudong International Airport)
  • Land area : 142,321m2
  • Building floor space : 67,901m2 (including factory, warehouse, research center, offices, welfare facilities)
  • Completion of construction : August 2015 (operation scheduled to start in September 2015)
  • Annual production capacity : One million gas hot-water units; 500,000 gas stoves


Going forward, we will continue advancing our overseas operations in accordance with local needs by emphasizing the three keys elements of the Rinnai spirit: “heat and comfortable lifestyles,” “product,” and “contributing to local communities.”