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Rinnai America introduced new type “Tankless hot water supplying facility”

Rinnai America is NO 1brand of tankless hot water supplying facility in north America.


Rinnai America, no 1 brand of tankless hot water supplying facility in north America, introduced new model at IBS exhibition in Florida, USA.


Rinnai America was established at Peach Tree Georgia State in1974, invested by Rinnai Japan 100%. It sells tankless hot water supplying facility, heating facility, and various kitchen facility. Especially tankless hot water supplying facility is leading product in that field. After shipping in 2000 it is remarked as an innovative leader in the market.


In USA already hot water saving type supplying facility which boils water in big tank was popular .That market consumes 8 million in 1 year. Saving hot water type continues to warm water in 24 hours when people sleeps or going outside. That type has problem to waste energy by continuous warming and when hot water in the tank is used entirely suddenly cold water is supplied. Its not convenient.


Rinnai’s tankless hot water supplying facility warms water momentary according to necessity.


When tap is closed supplying is stopped. After releasing in USA people was shocked by continuous supplying function, no exhaustion, setting temperature by digital system. It saves energy 30% comparing to previous type.


Condensing type tankless hot water supplying facility which is introduced in IBS conforms to ENERGY STAR standard. It passes strict low level NOx standard which is issued in California in this year. Rinnai ships highest level capability to keep good environment to the market./.