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Rinnai New Zealand launches producing of electric tank type hot water

Global facility company Rinnai has launched producing of electric tank type hot water supplying facility according to clean energy policy of New Zealand.


Rinnai New Zealand purchased HJCooper and launched producing electric tank type hot water supplying facility.


Rinnai New Zealand was established in 1975. It develops producing and sales of gas heating facility and sales of gas water heater. It holds top share of gas facility market in New Zealand.


80 % of hot water supplying facility market in New Zealand is occupied by electric type, another 20 % is gas type. It derives from energy situation of New Zealand. 70~80% of electricity is generated by water power or geothermal power. Government of New Zealand progresses expanse of recyclable energy. Electricity is treated as most clean energy in New Zealand.


HJCooper company has a big brand and fame based on long term achievement in the field of electric tank type hot water supplying system.。The electric tank type hot water supplying system which is produced by Rinnai is sold by Rinnai main brand and HJCooper sub brand. Adding up gas instant hot water supplying facility, it occupies 30 % of market. It is second place in the market.


Purchasing by Rinnai New Zealand enabled to supply general solution for various necessity of hot water type supplying facility regardless gas or energy. According to rising of environmental and saving energy necessity Rinnai expands treating of solar technology and electric heat pump technology to provide innovative product which deserves to general heat energy facility company.